Online Shopping with Amazon Prime is a Lifesaver (and Saves You Gas Too)!


I am sure I am not the only who finds Amazon Prime to be a lifesaver…Another mom told me about the service where for $79/year, one can get free shipping on many items and it will be on your door stop in 2 days. $79 seemed like a lot… Would I really get my money’s worth? Well let me tell you, it is money well spent. I don’t mind shopping in stores if I can find what I want, but we all know that does not always happen.

Let me share a live example with you.. .my 7 yr old daughter comes home from the 1st day of school and tells me the best thing about 2nd grade is having a locker – she needs to decorate it. I have a puzzled look on my face – decorate it? I remember having a magnetic mirror in my locker in junior high – ( lockers in 2nd grade – really?) So I check in with my girlfriend who has an older daughter to get the scoop on the locker decor. Not wanting to disappoint my daughter, I jump into the car to Toys R Us, Target, Staples and The Container Store for the perfect locker decor. All the good stuff was sold out 😦

Aha moment… Why don’t I just sit at home on my comfortable couch not wasting gas and see if I can find this elusive locker decor? With the ease of a few finger strokes on Amazon and a credit card, the locker decor was on its way and on my door stop within 2 days… and might I say, my daughter has the coolest chandelier for her locker.

My daughter is very happy and so am I – mom gets a “gold star” on her homework today.


2 thoughts on “Online Shopping with Amazon Prime is a Lifesaver (and Saves You Gas Too)!

  1. I am also a big fan of Amazon Prime and use it regularly. As a working mom, I find that it is such a timesaver and makes my life so much easier. I rarely have time to shop in stores and agree that the $79 per year fee is well with the cost. Love the blog- insightful with helpful and practical information. I look forward to reading more!

  2. I too have discovered what value ponying up the $79 a year for Amazon Prime! You can find virtually ANYTHING on Amazon these days! If you drive a gas guzzling vehicle like my V-8 Ford Explorer, the year long ship fee is even more worth it. Time is money too!

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