Try It, You’ll Like It

Try It, You'll Like It

When I was a child, I used to have a t- shirt which said on it “ Try it, you’ll like it.” and boy is it true. I have to say, I am quite lucky that both of my girls are good eaters. I heard somewhere that kids have to try something 17 times before they may enjoy eating something which is new to them. That seems like a lot, but the point being you have to try something more than once to like it.

Here are a few tips based upon my “eating with kids” experiences :

  • You have to try it before you say you don’t like it. – How will you know? I have heard some people use an incentive system, try 10 new things and get a prize. Whatever it takes.
  • No cooking separate meals for everyone in the family – this is just too much work and supports picky eaters. I remember my first pediatrician in the city saying.. – “Your child won’t starve, they will eat when they are hungry.” I have always told my kids “This is what we are all eating and if you don’t like it, I guess you won’t eat. ” ( I know it easy for me to say because I have good eaters.)
  • Instill good eating habits in your kids when they are young – fruit, vegetables and don’t force them to finish everything on their plate if they are full. It is all about balance and moderation.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea .


2 thoughts on “Try It, You’ll Like It

  1. I have a very picky eater, but what he picks is incredibly healthy, so I haven’t wanted to mess with it. I’d be THRILLED if it only took 17 attempts to get him to eat something! Getting him to eat a regular kid food like pizza and mac & cheese took years (but we encouraged them so he’d have something to eat when we went out). It’s all about patience!

  2. Love your wisdom, Birgitta! I agree with all of your advice for parents to raise healthy eaters. My son was a very picky eater and now after years of patience, encouraging him to try new foods, talking to him about nutrition, and sitting down together to eat the same meal, he eats just about everything on the planet. Of course we all know kids who are exception to the rule and nothing seems to work for them, which is so incredibly frustrating for those parents.

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