Live, Love, Laugh: Find items which inspire you and others around you.


Who would have thought I would find this inspiration at Old Navy? I walk into the store and see one of my favorite expressions jumping out at me on a shirt… Live Love Laugh… I must have it ! While it may inspire me to remember what is important in life, it might do the same for others also… let’s spread the love and inspiration…

So I look around and see more inspirational shirts and get a few… these are now a part of my casual clothing collection which make me smile when I wear them:

– Live Love Laugh
– Be Amazing
– Love and be Loved
– Shine Bright
– Making People Smile
– Love and Magic

My husband feels I went a bit overboard with these shirts, but if makes me and others feel good, I feel it is worth it. Cheaper than therapy – lol 🙂


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