Teach your children the importance of the thank you note



The last few weeks have been busier than usual…my one daughter had her birthday and my other one had her First Holy Communion, but we had not sent out our thank you notes. We got them out this week….. Yeah!

It is important to teach your kids to be grateful and appreciative when someone gives them a gift. It will make them and the gift giver feel good about the acknowledgement.

Here are some twists on thank you notes. While the traditional handwritten notes are great, I feel these other forms are acceptable:

  • Video – (my personal favorite) – I have my daughter pose with the gift and tape a quick video with my iPhone – it gets the thank you out quickly and shows a little more effort than just an email.
  • Picture Card – If I have seen the person recently and took some pictures, I will print them and make a card. While many people like receiving these, the timeliness of going to the store, printing the photos can make this a less desirable option.
  • Phone Call – it’s really about the timely acknowledgement 😉
  • Note Card – there is nothing wrong with a classic “old school” paper card thank you. People really appreciate it and it is nice to open a thank you “snail mail” card

Thank you for reading this post!


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