Make the time to learn family recipes


This past weekend, we took some time to learn the art of making apple strudel. I had seen my grandmother make it so many times as a child, but never learned how to make it. My grandmother was a great cook and now that I am older, I regret not having made the time to learn some of these traditional recipes.

It was great to watch and learn from my aunt how to make the strudel. The stretching of the dough across a big table takes a lot of patience and love. I now know how to do it, but I will need to make it multiple times to learn how to perfect it. Getting the dough consistency just right and stretching the dough without tearing it is quite challenging.

Cooking with your kids can be so much fun. It’s like an arts and craft project for them. Start teaching them when they are young and let them learn from their mistakes. Making food together with your kids creates special memories and is a life long skill they will treasure forever. Make the time now – YOLO (You Only Live Once).


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