Review your travel documents (passports and visas) on an annual basis.

PassportsIt used to be that one could travel between the US and Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean with an official US birth certificate or driver’s license. As of June 2009, everyone needs a passport.

For US passports, they expire every 10 years for adults and 5 years for minors under 16. If you or your children don’t have a passport, it is a good idea to get one now. You don’t want to be under time pressure to get one when you are actually going somewhere.

You may be traveling with your family over the holidays so review your passport and visas to make sure they have not expired.

We are traveling this year to India for the holidays. I realized a little over a month ago that my visa had expired. Long story short, I had to mail in the visa application and I just received my passport/visa back two days before I was leaving to go on my trip. Needless to say, it was making me sick thinking of the possibility of my family getting on the plane without me if I did not get my visa back on time.

Lesson learned: Check your travel documents on an annual basis and make sure everything is in order. It will save you time and remove undue pressure of getting these docs updated under a restricted timeline.


One thought on “Review your travel documents (passports and visas) on an annual basis.

  1. Have a safe and great trip! Our best wishes to the Sethi family! Looking forward to see you next time we are in NYC hopefully first week of February, hugs and kisses to you all and happy holidays!!

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