Donate and let go of items you no longer need to allow new things to come into your life.

Donation Heart

It’s a new year. Every year I say, “We need to purge things we no longer need to be able to bring “new” things into our home.” It’s not easy being attached to “stuff” which has sentimental value or may be useful some day, but I have been determined to give it my best shot.

It’s an important life lesson and skill to teach children when they are young. If you have outgrown something (toys/clothes), we can give them away to others who can also enjoy them. We are “recycling” and doing something good for ourselves and others. Make your children part of the “giving away” process.

So I did some google searches and found the following article which really helped me get started: “Where to Get Rid of Anything: Where to donate, recycle, and sell your castoffs so they do some good.” You can find great suggestions on where to donate the following:

eyeglasses, baby clothes, mobile phones, desk supplies, linens, iPods and music, sports equipment, used clothing, stuffed animals, wood planks, construction materials, formal dresses, toiletries, DVDs and video games, art materials, cars, your grandmother’s antiques, an old stamp collection, magazines, shoes, books, musical instruments, techno trash, ill fitting jeans and just about anything.

This article has been so helpful. I just dropped off about 100 magazines at a local hospital emergency waiting room. Less is more. I feel lighter already. So the next time my daughter says.. “I am bored, what can I do?” I will give her a  “fun” project: Let’s get rid of the old and welcome the new!


2 thoughts on “Donate and let go of items you no longer need to allow new things to come into your life.

  1. Great post and suggestions. I am a big fan of getting rid of things no longer used or needed. Donating to others is the best way to do that. My daughter and I go through our “stuff” at least once or twice per month and donate or give away what we can. It teaches kids to help others and also helps to keep your house clean and tidy!

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