Extend Your Summer T-shirts into the Winter Months

A Tantra T-shirt

What do you do when you have a great short-sleeved t-shirt that you bought while you were on vacation, but it is 30 degrees out? You wear a white long sleeve shirt underneath it! It’s a great way to extend those favorite vacation/summer t-shirts into winter.

The t-shirts in this post were actually purchased at Tantra™, a cool t-shirt store in India. I actually just saw they have a US supported website where you can purchase different styles also. Click here to check them out

Two additional helpful tips for girl’s clothing:

1) Do you have girl leggings which have holes in the knees? Cut off the “legs” and make them into biker shorts which you can wear underneath dresses.

2) Does your daughter have a favorite dress which is too small/short?
There is this one dress my daughter just loves and insists on wearing even though it is too short now. We have transformed this dress into a new “top/shirt” she now wears with leggings.

Parenting Life Lesson – It’s possible to extend the “life” of your children’s clothing when you get a bit creative. Your child will be able to wear that favorite t-shirt or dress a bit longer and it can save you money at the same time too!


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