Sharing is Caring. We can all learn from one another. Learning is a lifelong process.

A Sharing Is Caring Photo

I have a YOLO Mom’s Night Out group which gets together once a month for Ladies Night at a local place in town. Sometimes the group is small and sometimes it is a bit larger, but I enjoy meeting with fellow moms and always learning something new.

This month, I asked the moms to send me a helpful parenting tip. I was just going to share the tips with the group, but I thought my blog followers might enjoy them too. So here they are:

  • Too much stuff makes you crazy. If you don’t need it, get rid of it. (And I will add this: If it is “free” and you don’t need it, don’t take it.)
  • I love….a way to save money for college with every day purchases… even works on vacations!
  • When making pancakes, cook up some extras and freeze. When you are short on time in the morning, simply put the frozen pancakes in the microwave or in the toaster oven, and you have a hot breakfast with minimal prep time.
  • On snow days or any day for that matter, follow a lead from corporate America and give your kids a” to do” list. You can include fun things and chores; play a game with your brother for 20 mins, practice instrument, complete 3 Lego figures and read for 30 mins. Once the list is complete, they can watch TV or have free time. Kids are very achievement oriented. You’ll be surprised how they’ll whip through the list, so make sure you time them.
  • We do family movie night on Fridays. The kids really look forward to it. We do special snacks, make popcorn together. It’s a nice way to end the week
  • Never go to bed angry and always say goodnight. Whether it’s that you are angry at your spouse or your kids, you should always say I love you and goodnight!!
  • I was thinking of a YOLO Mom tip. And I thought of this. It’s not really a tip but it was something nice we do. What I did was teach my boys a little bedtime prayer. I would say it to them every night. “Goodnight, I love you, I thank God for you.” Eventually they started repeating it back on their own. It was a nice sentiment to end the evening. One morning my younger son woke up, and said to me “Mom, Good Morning….I love you, I thank God for you.”

Beautiful ideas and tips! I hope you learned something new. Sharing is Caring…We can all learn from each other every day. Learning is a lifelong process.


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