NOFO (North Fork, NY): Road trips should have fun activities for adults and kids.


As summer is just around the corner, I am going to stick with the road trip theme and elaborate a bit on a fantastic road trip we took in the spring. It was a perfect mix of fun for adults and the kids… I am a big fan of TripAdvisor and am always gathering tips on my smart phone when people I meet provide recommendations.

Here are the highlights of a perfect day trip with the kids to NOFO:

  • Catapano Dairy Farm– Peconic, NY – This is a goat farm and they make a nice assortment of goat cheese and other gift items also. This was the first stop and was fun for the kids since they could pet and feed the goats.
  • Croteaux Vineyards– Southold, NY  Our next stop was our favorite vineyard in NOFO – When you enter the tasting room area outside, it is magical. It is like taking a mini vacation to Provence. While children are welcome, they are asked to stay close to their party to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. This vineyard specializes in Rose wine which is light and perfect for the summer. Note: Limousines and buses (large parties are not welcome) which provides for more of an intimate setting from the other vineyards.
  • The Lunch Truck – Southold, NY – After our wine tasting, we were hungry and stopped at the food truck located behind the famed James Beard award winning North Fork Table and Inn. We grabbed some yummy pork pulled sandwiches for the adults and the kids enjoyed some fancy hot dogs with fries. We sat outside on a picnic blanket and enjoyed the afternoon sun.
  • By Aldo Coffee – Greenport, NY – By now we needed a little caffeine hit and this coffee house with actual coffee beans roasting in the front of the shop did not disappoint. Delicious coffee and cappuccino and the best biscotti ever .
  • Carousel – Greenport, NY– The kids were looking for some fun again so we visited this old carousel built in the 1920’s located close to the water. You can catch the brass ring and catch a free ride – $2.00/ride
  • R/T Boat Ride to Shelter Island from Greenport, NY – We could see Shelter Island in the distance and decided to take a R/T trip boat ride as foot passengers. $4 R/T per adult for the boat ride and the kids were free. It was a beautiful day and it was just about a ten minute ride with a nice breeze in our hair and the sun starting to set. It was fun for the kids (like a train ride to the city). It was getting a bit late, so we decided to immediately turn back and return to Greenport. Today was more about the boat ride vs exploring Shelter Island.
  • Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices – Greenport, NY Before our trip back home, we loaded up on some Italian ices which were a delightful way to end the day.

PS – Other great places to try: Eriks’ in Southold, NY for breakfast or lunch – tasty food, reasonable prices and kid friendly; Lavender By the Bay, Marion, NY – we picked up an English Lavender plant and it is doing very well in our backyard. They provided great planting and care instructions.

So what is the parenting life lesson? It’s all about balance. Road trips and family vacations are not all about the kids. If the kids want to have fun, the adults need some fun too. YOLO (You Only Live Once)



7 thoughts on “NOFO (North Fork, NY): Road trips should have fun activities for adults and kids.

  1. Agree … Road trips are the best . Sounds like you guys covered a lot and unbelievable finds … Vineyard, great food, coffee, Italian ice …. Too good!!

  2. Sounds great. We are going to have to explore your suggestions on NOFO. If you are on the South Fork suggest you check out the Quogue Wildlife Refuge. They have interesting rescued animals from a bob cat to a bald eagle. Walking and hiking trails. Check out the snapper turtles and fish in the water near the bridge and look out. Also has a picnic area and its free. You can make a donation if you wish.

    Our ultimate road trip in straight to Montauk to the Block Island Ferry. A day in Block Island 15 years ago became a yearly outing, which is now a week long trip! Truly the most magically place. If you haven’t been put that on your bucket list!

    Keep the hits coming Birgitta!

  3. A few of our favorite things on the NOFO

    Briemere Farms 4414 Sound Ave, Riverhead
    Excellent pies & jam

    Helen’s Farm 987 Union Ave, Riverhead
    Pumpkin Patch off Rt 105

    Braun’s Seafood 30840 Main Rd, Cutchogue
    Great Seafood store cooked to go. Seafood counter next door.

    Magic Fountain 9825 Main Rd, Mattituck
    Awesome ice cream to go!

    Harbes Sound Ave, Mattituck & Main Rd, Jamesport
    Excellent Corn & Lemonade

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