Homemade gifts are the most treasured gifts.

I love daddy picture

With Father’s Day this weekend, I am sure the younger kids have made things for dad at school. These gifts have so much more meaning than store bought gifts.

I have another simple homemade gift idea I wanted to share with you. It can be used for many different occasions – Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
Instructions for “I Love (insert person’s name) Box”

– Write down 10-20 different reasons you love this person

– Type up the reasons on individual lines

– Print out and cut into small strips of paper (like the ones you see in Chinese fortune cookies)

– Put the little strips of paper in a jar or box.

My daughters did this a few years ago and my husband really liked it. These are some examples of what they wrote about their dad:

– I like how he has grown up – Sophia

– He is so sweet – Ava

– He drives us to our favorite places like Dutch Wonderland – Sophia

– He is so handsome – Ava

It is simple and meaningful gift… a creative and wonderful keepsake.

Happy Father’s Day to all!


8 thoughts on “Homemade gifts are the most treasured gifts.

  1. Such a great idea! It reminds me of having a ” I am thankful jar”.
    At the beginning of each year you start a jar for that year and add strips of paper noting what you are thankful/grateful for all year long. At the end of the year you have a beautiful way to remember all the good things:)

  2. Great idea. Tanya & Tanvi did something similar … Made an iDad (iPad look) with paper and had 12 icons under which they had written reasons why they love me … Some reasons were quite flattering, but who am I to disagree! Also made a sampling platter of 4 of my fav desserts … Tiramisu, Molten Lava Cake, Zuccini cake slice and Coffee Ice Cream (only thing that was store bought). My fav day of the year … Makes me feel special and even more loved! Happy Fathers Day!

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