Have a staycation. Enjoy your own backyard.


A backyard photo with child

I learned this from my roommate from college last year. Whilst she enjoys traveling with her family at times, the family likes to spend time at home, relax and enjoy what they have right in their own backyard. Life can he so hectic so why not keep it simple and travel a few feet to your own outdoor space? ( For apartment building dwellers, enjoy what your local park has to offer )

The staycation definitely keeps in line with my theme for the summer of “Less is More” and being able to accomplish a few items on my Summer Bucket List. This past weekend’s weather was fabulous and my husband created this makeshift swing with an IKEA stepper and some rope (picture in this post) How creative and awesome is that? Girls had lots of fun…. We’ll see how long the swing lasts, but it definitely contributed to a nice two day staycation in our very own backyard.

YOLO! Relax and take it easy.

A backyard photo


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