Spend an evening watching “old school” movies with your kids you enjoyed as a child.

A movie night photo

Aren’t there some movies you can watch over and over again and bring a smile to your face when you watch them?

Sometimes it is just fun to have a lazy day/evening and watch movies. It’s interesting to get your children’s perspective. Do they enjoy the same parts of the movie you do?

You can stream many of these movies from Netflix or Amazon Prime. I even like to go “old school” and borrow a movie from the library. How about Jiffy Pop popcorn you make on the stove?

Here are some of my “old school” favorites :

1. Airplane

2. Animal House

3. Back to the Future I,II,III

4. Breakfast Club

5. Coming to America

6. Dirty Dancing

7. ET

8. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

9. Godfather I, II, III

10. Gone With the Wind

11. Grease

12. Home Alone I, II, III

13. James Bond movies

14. Moonstruck

15. My Big Fat Greek wedding

16. Overboard

17. Pretty Woman

18. Sixteen Candles

19. Raiders of the Lost Ark

20. Risky Business

21. Something about Mary

22. Sound of Music

23. The Wedding Singer

24. Top Gun

25. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

You’ll have to make the call on what is age appropriate 🙂

Extra Credit: “Summer Homework” – As part of their journal writing, have the kids write up a movie review: Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down, favorite actors/actresses, favorite part of the movie, etc.

What are some of your “old school” favorites?



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