Teach your kids to be grateful: Create a gratitude tree.

A gratitude tree

With the Thanksgiving holiday this week, it is the perfect time to talk to your kids about being grateful and thankful for the many blessings in their lives.

My friend and fellow YOLO mom, Denise, shared a wonderful idea with me. She created a gratitude tree (picture in this post). This can be a fun way to share blessings your family is grateful for and is also nice decor for your home during the holidays.

It’s very simple and inexpensive to make:

  • Take some small tree branches from your backyard or your local craft store and put them in a vase
  • Cut some leaves out of construction paper, punch a hole in them and attach a string/ribbon to the leaf
  • Ask your kids/family/friends to draw pictures or write about things they are grateful for on the leaves
  • Hang the leaves on the branches
  • Now you have a beautiful gratitude tree 🙂

Here are few other ideas to help your kids to continue thinking about what they are grateful for:

1 – Play a “gratitude” game: My husband, girls and I kept going around table saying things we were grateful for. I would say we did about 10 rounds and I was taking notes to help the girls write these items on leaves for our family gratitude tree.

2 – Thanksgiving dinner table – As you go around the dinner table, have everyone talk about one thing they are grateful for this year.

3 – Letters to Santa – As the kids are writing their wishlist to Santa, have the kids include a “PS” which lets Santa know what they are grateful for this year.

Thanks for reading my post!


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