Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Cake

It is my daughter’s birthday this week and I wanted to share my tips around
receiving/purchasing birthday gifts for kids..

Giving gifts

I always like to ask people to give me 2-3 ideas of what the birthday child
might like. It saves time. I can either go to the store knowing exactly what I
want to buy or hopefully purchase the gift online (Amazon Prime). I am not
spending time I don’t have searching for the perfect gift they might already
have. Nothing worse than seeing a child open a gift and saying with a sad face “I have that already.”

Receiving gifts

I always try to keep a running list of what my kids might enjoy for
their birthdays. If someone asks me what they might like, I can share some
ideas with them. I feel this makes the gift purchaser’s life easier and it will
be a gift the girls will enjoy.

I am a big fan of “experiences” vs physical gifts. Kids have so much
these days. How about a gift certificate for ten rides on a carousel, Chuckie Cheese, ice cream at Baskin Robbins/Carvel, movie tickets, bowling, etc.? My parents’ birthday gifts for the girls have included lessons for ice skating, swimming and tennis. I know these “experience” gifts may not be as fun to open at times as a “physical” gift, but they don’t clutter the house and are
fun too!


Gift registries for children are helpful time savers.

A Gift Registry Time Saver

As many of you know from one of my previous posts (Birthday Gift Ideas), I am a big fan of gift experiences vs physical gifts. What is more important to me as the gift giver, however, is to get something the person will enjoy.

After RSVPing to a child’s birthday party, I was going to text the parent for a few gift ideas. When I looked at the invite a bit closer, I saw the parent actually included that the birthday girl was registered at Target. “Absolute genius!”, I thought to myself. I could order the gift online at Target, use our Target Credit Card  and receive free shipping (no minimum). I don’t even have to go to the store…that’s even better.

Not everyone may agree with listing a gift registry for a child, but I truly appreciated it. You are saving me time and allowing me to get something your daughter will enjoy. Thank you 🙂