My name is Birgitta… “Birgitta like in the Sound of Music or you can think of my name as rhyming with Chiquita.”  People seem to get a kick out of it when I say that and they always seem to remember my name.

I am a mother of two girls, two puppies and have one wonderful husband.. I love to travel, enjoy good food and wine, have fun, laugh a lot and spend time with my family… My motto is YOLO (You Only Live Once)– life is not a dress rehearsal.

Every day I am learning something new … like that I want to be grateful, happy and satisfied for the many blessings I have in my life…

This blog is for me to respond to things happening in my parenting life so I can find the lessons in it, share it with my kids and others who also might find it helpful.

Sharing is caring… let’s get started.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, Birgitta- I finally got around to reading the blog after having intended to do so for so long. It’s thoughtful, uplifting, engaging and reflective. I’ll be coming back to visit. Happy New year and safe home

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