Gift registries for children are helpful time savers.

A Gift Registry Time Saver

As many of you know from one of my previous posts (Birthday Gift Ideas), I am a big fan of gift experiences vs physical gifts. What is more important to me as the gift giver, however, is to get something the person will enjoy.

After RSVPing to a child’s birthday party, I was going to text the parent for a few gift ideas. When I looked at the invite a bit closer, I saw the parent actually included that the birthday girl was registered at Target. “Absolute genius!”, I thought to myself. I could order the gift online at Target, use our Target Credit Card  and receive free shipping (no minimum). I don’t even have to go to the store…that’s even better.

Not everyone may agree with listing a gift registry for a child, but I truly appreciated it. You are saving me time and allowing me to get something your daughter will enjoy. Thank you 🙂


Lands’ End – Buy quality clothing online with free shipping over $50

Lands' End

I love Lands’ End. Their website is so user friendly and they always have a deal. Right now they have a friends and family offer – 30% off and free shipping over $50.

I was chatting with another mom friend and we both agreed how fantastic the bathing suits are. There are so many choices for women who have great figures as well as for those who have fuller figures and need a little more coverage. (I realize it is pretty cold right now and you may not be thinking about buying a bathing suit, but they are fabulous!) I am also a big fan of the pima cotton night gowns, fleece half zips/jackets, winter boots and coats, etc.

Shopping on Lands’ End makes sense for busy parents: reasonable prices, quality casual clothing, free shipping and easy returns at Sears (Sears owns Lands’ End brand) = saving you time so you can spend more time with your family – happy shopping at Lands’ End.

Online Shopping with Amazon Prime is a Lifesaver (and Saves You Gas Too)!


I am sure I am not the only who finds Amazon Prime to be a lifesaver…Another mom told me about the service where for $79/year, one can get free shipping on many items and it will be on your door stop in 2 days. $79 seemed like a lot… Would I really get my money’s worth? Well let me tell you, it is money well spent. I don’t mind shopping in stores if I can find what I want, but we all know that does not always happen.

Let me share a live example with you.. .my 7 yr old daughter comes home from the 1st day of school and tells me the best thing about 2nd grade is having a locker – she needs to decorate it. I have a puzzled look on my face – decorate it? I remember having a magnetic mirror in my locker in junior high – ( lockers in 2nd grade – really?) So I check in with my girlfriend who has an older daughter to get the scoop on the locker decor. Not wanting to disappoint my daughter, I jump into the car to Toys R Us, Target, Staples and The Container Store for the perfect locker decor. All the good stuff was sold out 😦

Aha moment… Why don’t I just sit at home on my comfortable couch not wasting gas and see if I can find this elusive locker decor? With the ease of a few finger strokes on Amazon and a credit card, the locker decor was on its way and on my door stop within 2 days… and might I say, my daughter has the coolest chandelier for her locker.

My daughter is very happy and so am I – mom gets a “gold star” on her homework today.