Gift registries for children are helpful time savers.

A Gift Registry Time Saver

As many of you know from one of my previous posts (Birthday Gift Ideas), I am a big fan of gift experiences vs physical gifts. What is more important to me as the gift giver, however, is to get something the person will enjoy.

After RSVPing to a child’s birthday party, I was going to text the parent for a few gift ideas. When I looked at the invite a bit closer, I saw the parent actually included that the birthday girl was registered at Target. “Absolute genius!”, I thought to myself. I could order the gift online at Target, use our Target Credit Card  and receive free shipping (no minimum). I don’t even have to go to the store…that’s even better.

Not everyone may agree with listing a gift registry for a child, but I truly appreciated it. You are saving me time and allowing me to get something your daughter will enjoy. Thank you 🙂


Enjoy Local Theater with Friends and the Kids

BroadHollow Theatre

The BroadHollow Theatre in Elmont is the best hidden secret in town. Broadway caliber shows in my own backyard + adult/children shows + reasonably priced shows ($25 and $10 respectively) = high quality entertainment for me and my kids while saving time and money.

This past weekend, I actually went to the BroadHollow Theatre twice:

Fiddler on the Roof with my two good friends – I had flashbacks to high school when I tried out for the play so I knew most of the songs. It was such a high quality show, the cast received a standing ovation.

Wizard of Oz with my daughters – these children shows are an adaptation of the full story and consolidated into a little over an hour. They are perfect for children’s attention spans. For $10 a ticket, you can’t beat it. It is a great way to expose your children to theater, you’re not breaking the bank and it is close to home.

Local theater is the way to go and if you live in Nassau County, you should definitely check out the BroadHollow Theatre in Elmont. I am sure if you look around in your own town, you will find something similar. Enjoy the show!

Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Cake

It is my daughter’s birthday this week and I wanted to share my tips around
receiving/purchasing birthday gifts for kids..

Giving gifts

I always like to ask people to give me 2-3 ideas of what the birthday child
might like. It saves time. I can either go to the store knowing exactly what I
want to buy or hopefully purchase the gift online (Amazon Prime). I am not
spending time I don’t have searching for the perfect gift they might already
have. Nothing worse than seeing a child open a gift and saying with a sad face “I have that already.”

Receiving gifts

I always try to keep a running list of what my kids might enjoy for
their birthdays. If someone asks me what they might like, I can share some
ideas with them. I feel this makes the gift purchaser’s life easier and it will
be a gift the girls will enjoy.

I am a big fan of “experiences” vs physical gifts. Kids have so much
these days. How about a gift certificate for ten rides on a carousel, Chuckie Cheese, ice cream at Baskin Robbins/Carvel, movie tickets, bowling, etc.? My parents’ birthday gifts for the girls have included lessons for ice skating, swimming and tennis. I know these “experience” gifts may not be as fun to open at times as a “physical” gift, but they don’t clutter the house and are
fun too!